Toas-Tite™ pies are what
everybody yearned for:
Back in the 40s

These delectable little taste thrills look
like miniature pies, crispy brown outside
and sealed all around the edge so the
filling won't drip out the back while
you're biting the front.

The Toas-Tite™ Is Back!

Made of Die Cast Aluminum, with Steel Rods and Hardwood Handles. Just Like
the Original. Packaged in Retro Box with Reprints of 1949 Instruction and Recipe Booklets. Use on Gas and Electric Stoves, over a BBQ, Fire-pit, Fire Place,
or Camp Fire.

Makes a Luscious Sealed-In Drip Proof Toas-Tite™ Sandwich.

Start a Family Tradition, The Kids will Love Them. Watch our Videos to see how easy a Toas-Tite™ is to make. Fruit Pies to Tuna Melts the possibilities are endless.

Fun To Make Delicious Tons Of Recipes

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